The Lord has provoked an interest within myself to express my thought process on paper, or in this case, a "digital notepad" if you will.  Whether it be the experiences of a night on the town with friends, a missions trip to Peru, or the indescribable emotions felt while in a WWII cemetery, expressing my emotions through this website is certainly something I enjoy... and I hope you do as well. Read Now!

Curious Yet?? Learn More

Perhaps you've known me for years... maybe my entire life... or perhaps you've never met me.  Regardless the category you fall into, here's your chance to learn a few things you may not know.  I'll avoid the dull topics like favorite color or season of the year, and try to concentrate on the weird parts of life that make me... me!  About Josh...

Old Randomly Chosen Posts

God is a Protector… (Peru #2)

Protection during arrival to Peru The lights come on and the people in the plane begin to stretch, six hours of flying and we’ve finally made it to Peru. Although our team desires nothing more than a comfy bed to sleep in, we still have security… customs… and the drive to our hotel before bed [...]

I Love To Dream… How About You?

I believe that our dreams and aspirations are small previews into what God may have planned for our lives.  Many of my dreams are similar to that of most people; successful career, the wife of my dreams, loving family, and friends that'll be refined through the fire of life with me.  There are other more unique dreams, such as becoming a successful author or working within youth ministry as a volunteer.  Check out the dreams I dare to accomplish!

Biblical Stranger: A New Community Of Christians

God intended His followers to grow in community with each other; whether that be through worship, church services, youth groups, or small group Bible studies.  I believe there is more we can do in our growth with Christ, and the use of a blog can help us grow together.  Biblical Stranger is a blog that urges growth in Christ and the ability to learn about other individuals faith, check it out!

Pictures… Far More Descriptive Than My Words…

I could describe the best moment of my life, no doubt you'd understand the excitement in my voice or writing and would share in my enjoyment.  The conversation and understanding of the story is severally limited without the visual magnificence of a picture.  Almost every blog entry has a picture to assist the reader (you) in understanding my thought process... Check out more pictures here!